Introduction of automatic doors

Automatic doors are now a normal feature of many building types, from supermarkets to airports, and from hotels to hospitals. Although they come in a variety of types, including sliding, swing, folding and revolving, what they all have in common is the need to conform to the highest standards of safety.

Why should I have an Automatic Door?

Easy access for:
1.Mothers with children and shopping
2.Travellers with suitcases
3.Disabled access made easy
4.The young and infirm
5.Hands free access at hospitals & clinics

The Benefits of Automatic Doors

Probably the greatest single benefit of automatic doors is the ability to offer easy access to anyone.
Many disabled people experience problems using traditional manual doors due to the physical effort required. The situation is often made worse by poor door and access designs and the use of heavy door closers.
Currently most manual doors and hardware are designed with the average able-bodied person in mind and so can be difficult for the disabled, and elderly, to use. Replacing the manual doors with the automatic or low energy doors allows the opening and closing of doors without the need for physical effort and so eliminates the obstacle.

The growing awareness over the years of the need to improve the access and facilities for disabled people has led to the creation of new building regulations and improved standards of access to public building.

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