Cleanroom  Commissioning, Testing  &  Certification
VOV is a 3rd party cleanroom performance commissioning, testing and certification specialist.


VOV is a NEBB-certified firm (cert no. CR 178). 


We do NOT outsource any part of our job.  From the initial quotation to the final issuance of the NEBB certificate

with the company stamp,you shall come across a single corporate identity only  -  VOV. 

We are recognized by the industry and owners for our professionalism,in-depth practical knowledge of data collection

procedures and data collection integrity !

"Qualified personnel certified by NEBB!"

NEBB Certified Technician Update

Requirements for Manning NEBB Certified Projects In 2012

The NEBB BOD voted to approve
a modification to the requirement to
have at least a CT on the jobsite after
12/31/2011.  The modification is that
there is a one year extension of the
requirement to have at least a CT on
the jobsite as of January 1, 2012, for
those firms whose technicians on
the jobsite have started the qualification
process by applying for the CT
test and paying the required fee



"VOV is a NEBB-certified firm,  We do NOT outsource "

 • Cleanroom performance testing and certification
            - Third party testing (NEBB)
            - Cleanroom monitoring
            - Contamination evaluation

• Contamination control testing
            - Bio Safety Level 1, 2 and 3
            - Biohazard safety cabinet (Class 1,2,3)
            - Fume cabinet
            - Clean air device
            - Cytotoxic drug dispensing cabinet

• Hospital operating theatre

• Decontamination by H2O2, Formaldehyde

 • Air testing, adjusting & balancing

 • Testing instrumentation & supplies

• We service an extensive range of industries :
- Micro-electronics
- Disk drive
- Semi-conductor
- Hospital
- Medical devices
- Pharmaceutical
- Glove Manufacturer
- Bio-Technology
- Cleanroom  Contractors
- Healthcare…etc

• HEPA / ULPA  Filter Velocity & Volumetric Flowrate
• HEPA / ULPA  Filter Leak Test
- aerosol challenge / photometer method
- aerosol particle challenge / particle counter method
• Airborne Particle Count
• Airflow Parallelism / Directional Flow
• Differential Pressure
• Temperature / Relative Humidity / Mapping
• Lighting & Noise

• Recovery
• Smoke Pattern
• Floor Resistance (RTT / RTG)
• Compressed Clean Dry Air
• Microbial Air Sampling
• Others…etc

We refer to International Standards
- ISO 14644
- British Standards
- Federal Standard
- and others…

Why Engage A Third Party To Test A Cleanroom ? 
From an owner’s perspective,  the objective is to verify whether the actual performance of the cleanroom complies to the various pre-determined design parameters.
Owner ought to know with a confidence level beyond any reasonable doubt that the ROI from hiring a contractor to construct a multi-million cleanroom is realized as intended.
Why engage a third party firm, why owner not self-test the cleanroom ?
The clients of the owner demand factual and unbiased data that only an independent third party firm certified by NEBB can provide.
Such data is a pivotal part of the total quality assurance that products are manufactured within the audited cleanroom conditions.
Also, factual and unbiased data is possible only from qualified personnel certified by NEBB.
Data collection integrity is compromised by non-NEBB certified firm and personnel, and is exacerbated when the said firm outsources the issuance of the NEBB certificate to another vendor.
This is both a condescending move and self-defeating exercise by the non-NEBB certified firm taking on testing jobs beyond her limited professional capabilities.          
Any non-NEBB certified Dick, Tom and Harry  can easily invest in a particle counter and then claims she is capable of taking up testing jobs but none lacks the proper credentials to back it up.
From the owners’ perspective,  why risk investing multi-millions and then to potentially lose a huge contract (negative ROI) by letting non-NEBB certified firms without the proper credentials to audit and thereby compromising the actual performance of the cleanroom ?

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